Become our Regional Partner
HAB Invest is a proud partner to medical dealers in the CIS countries. As we continue to grow, we are always looking for additional partner relationships in the regions of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
Why Partner with HAB Invest?
We innovate, and we learn what customers need to make the highest quality solutions for their patients. We offer our partners marketing materials and supporting studies that show how our solutions save time, improve throughput and efficiency, increase patient safety, and most importantly – improve clinical outcomes over makeshift methods and other vendors' products. In addition, as a small and agile distributor, we are able to adapt to changes in the market quickly. We have a seasoned team of sales, marketing, and training leaders who are available to offer technical, sales, and marketing support to our regional partners.

When It's a Good Match
HAB's disposable products represent a continuous revenue stream for your business. Our products can help you develop valued, long-term relationships with your customers that keep them buying from you. To ensure you get the most value out of an regional partnership with us, the ideal HAB partner should have the following criteria:
  • Existing relationships with end-users and purchasers within hospitals, imaging centers, clinics, and health ministries
  • In-office staff to handle customer service, orders, sampling by mail, sales calls, or customer visits
  • Located geographically near customers and able to travel to them as needed
  • Ability to act as in-country representation by registering the products, as needed, with regulatory bodies
  • A positive and respected reputation in the marketplace
Becoming a Regional Partner
To become a HAB Regional Partner, an application of interest and a business plan is submitted for review.

As part of the decision to accept or decline an application for a partnership, HAB Invest will perform market research of the intended region of a CIS country as well as conduct reference checks of the applicant.
After the Application is Approved
After the application is approved, we will begin our partnership to increase awareness of HAB's brands in your respective territory.

We will support your marketing efforts with product samples for clinical evaluations, technical sell sheets, PDF's available for download, educational videos, and case studies that support the clinical outcomes generated through our solutions. We will also provide application training via virtual platforms, webinars, or PowerPoint to train you.

If you are interested in applying for a HAB partnership or simply want to learn more, please contact: or +41 41 418 01 02
We look forward to hearing from you and partnering in the near future!
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