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At first we have to say that MGPV is a C-PAP device which can be used with tracheal tube or with mask. MGPV is a multifunction device that can be used from mobile first aid to the ICU. It is also possible for the patient to continue using the MGPV at home after the hospital stay with a breathing mask as a breathing aid.

The main features of the device are:

  • Time volume constant cycling
  • Microprocessor controlled flow

Automatic loss compensation (max 60 l/min) MGPV is a medical device for mechanical ventilation, or artificial ventilation, it allows breathing support for patients unable to breathe spontaneously due to particular critical conditions.

The MGPV device is therefore a life-saving medical support which can replace the spontaneous breathing of unconscious and intubated patients in the intensive care unit.

The MGPV medical device is an extremely innovative system that differs from traditional lung ventilation. In fact, it does not use mechanical systems for closing and opening the valves, but patented dynamic flow valves. There is no movement of mechanical parts inside the medical device, except for the solenoid valves.

The MGPV medical device has a simple and intuitive user interface that allows you to define the optimal parameters for the individual patient. However, in situations of serious emergency and urgency, the medical device is able to work even without the user interface, thanks to default values defined by the software that allow to replace the patient’s breathing in an optimal way.

The graphical interface does not represent a critical part of the device but an additional aspect useful for medical personnel, allowing you to modulate the various parameters of ventilation as needed.

The ventilator is equipped with a mucus drainage system if the patient is in a very critical medical condition.

Further notiche

It’s important to point out that the device has a mucus drainage system. For the correct elimination of mucus from the airways, a system is used that creates an obstacle to the escape of air from the bronchial tree, maintaining positive pressure throughout the expiratory phase. This allows you to keep the bronchi with the thinner wall open, which can be crushed by expiratory chest pressure by trapping the air left downstream.

This avoids air trapping. In addition, an increase in expiratory pressure allows air to enter, through collateral ventilation, also in the areas downstream of the bronchial obstruction due to mucus, allowing its elimination. This system is very important regarding the COVID-19 disease.

The MGVP medical device emits an audible alarm signal in the following cases

  • Insufficient volume of air entering the lungs
  • Low air velocity directed to the lungs
  • Low air pressure directed into the lungs
  • Difference between the air entering and leaving the lungs
  • Air leaks
  • Poor mechanical lung compliance
  • Absence or low pressure of O2 from the fuel system
  • Lack of electricity

In case of emergency

In an emergency, the device works without a human interface (tablet + software) with preset standard values ​​and is very robustly designed for crisis use. The user interface (tablet) is not a critical part of the device.

The device should initially only be adjusted with the manual regulation on the device. You find the settings on the label on the device. At a later point in time, the fine adjustment can then be carried out via the software.

The ventilator works safely even when all sensors fail.

The device is designed for unconscious and intubated patients (patients undergoing intensive therapy), fully automatically without a breath trigger. Ultrafast power on: 1.5 seconds after the main power is turned on, the system begins to supply the patient with air.

Graphical interface

Once the patient has been intubated and is no longer in an emergency due to the inability to breathe, the supplied tablet can be connected to the medical device.

The software on the tablet is simple and intuitive. The tablet shows the screen, shown in the figure, and allows medical personnel to modify the ventilation parameters to best adapt them to the patient.

The software is the medical technology software developed by Periso which is also used successfully in other Periso devices and has been adapted to the MGPV.

The adaptive software is up to date with the software development and is designed to be user-friendly. With a simple swipe of the finger over the image of the patient, his body volume can be defined and the software makes the necessary settings.

On the 10´´ display the air flow can be monitored by the two displays I/O Flux and O Flux, the oxygen concentration (FiO2), the PEEP and the BPM can be set manually.