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CTU V Wave

Selective focused vibration

CTU V Wave is an electro-medical device generating mechanical vibrations at selective frequencies, from 50Hz to 150 Hz, addressed to the stimulation of the neuromuscular system.

The vibrations transmitted to muscles stimulate the primary endings of the muscle spindle, exciting the motor neurons, causing the reflexive muscle contraction. The vibration improves synchronization of motor units and can have positive effects on the neurological response to muscle contractions, allowing a better coordination in activating the related muscles.

The therapy as mechanical nerve stimulation by vibration has shown to be very effective in preventing and treating muscle damages, either arising from competitive, amateur activities or due to pathology, sedentary lifestyle or advanced age.

Technological innovations

Bio feedback EMG
Bio feedback EMG to identify the best sound frequency therapy.
CTU V Wave is equipped with an integrated electromyographic sensor measuring the echo produced by the muscle reflex arc. This value allows appraising the vibration frequency which the best electromyography feedback corresponds to.

Feedback control
CTU V Wave is able to monitor the muscle reflex sound energy and therefore control moment by moment the acoustic impedance of joining generator and tissue.Its adjustment allows obtaining the reduction of standing waves (the reflex energy) maximizing reservation and vibrating action.

Automatic vibration of fluctuation
Automatic vibration of fluctuation frequencies in random span.
Depending on the muscle response verified through the EMG system and the pre-set training objectives, the device changes and adjusts vibration frequencies to maximize the treatment efficacy and efficiency. CTU V Wave allows producing a random acoustic spectrum that annuls the muscle addiction effect increasing the therapeutic efficacy.

Technical characteristics

Data sheet
  • GENERAL FEEDING:230 Volt AC; 50Hz;0.09A;20 VA (7W); 0.36 pF
  • DISPLAY:Digital display – Touch Screen

Functioning environmental conditions
TEMPERATURE: from 10 to 30 °C
HUMIDITY: from 30 to 75%
ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE: from 700 to 1000hPa

Storage environmental conditions
TEMPERATURE: from 0 to 45 °C
HUMIDITY: from 10 to 80%
ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE: from 700 to 1000 hPa

Reflex arc
CTU V Wave is a complex tool basing its efficacy on stimulation of neuromuscular system and in particular stimulation of reflex arc.

The reflex arc represents a coordination system between an environmental stimulus and the reaction of the organism come into contact with such stimulus. It is calculated according to the frequencies of muscle resonance created during the therapy.

During the treatment by effect of vibrations, different muscle groups are stimulated and put in "disequilibrium".The system is able to evaluate the spatial and temporal muscle recruitment during the whole vibration treatment.

The spatial recruitment, the first one to be stimulated, is the one that suffers the first adjustments after the training of the gross strength; thereafter it can be observed an improvement in the temporal recruitment, namely the ability to recruit an increasing number of motor units at the same time. By monitoring the reflex arc, the system is able to modify and adjust vibration frequencies in real time, by normalizing the muscle coordination and rehabilitation processes.

Alpha & Gamma motor neurons
Motor neurons are nerve cells of spinal cord anterior horns, transmitting motor impulses to periphery. In the reflex arc, the motor neuron guarantees a response to stimuli; it can be passed through, in different

situations, by impulses having a different origin and therefore can be used for a wide variety of reflex responses. That is why the motor neuron is considered, in the nervous system physiology, as the ‘common final way’. Depending on the value of the axis cylinder diameter and function, there are two varieties of motor neurons, called alpha and gamma respectively.

Alphamotor neurons have a big diameter and each innervates a variable number of striated muscle fibres.

Gamma motor neurons have a small diameter and causes the contraction of muscle fibres contained in neuromuscular spindles, increasing in this way the receptor sensitivity to the stretching of the muscle where it is housed. Hence, the gamma motor neurons represent the essential element of the stretch myotatic reflex that is behind the posture tone.

Applications fields

The main pathologies where the V waves result to be effective are:

  • Degenerative pathologies
  • Vascular pathologies
  • Lung pathologies
  • Uro-gynecological pathologies
  • Cardiac pathologies
  • Spine pathologies
  • Joint pathologies
  • Ligament and tendon pathologies
  • Pathologies of the cervical area
  • Traumas
  • Prevention