Medacta International



Medacta offers a comprehensive Total Knee System with multiple implant options designed to address the unique needs of patients and surgeons.

The core of the system is an innovative Medially Stabilized Knee implant, designed to deliver maximum functional stability and improved knee kinematics with the goal of increasing TKA patient satisfaction during daily activities and potentially decreasing post-operative knee pain.


Medacta offers a comprehensive Partial Knee System with multiple implant options designed to address the unique needs of patients and surgeons.

Implants and instruments are designed to be soft tissue friendly and provide patients with a joint preservation option.


Medacta's Knee Revision portfolio consists of a wide range of implant solution combinations to address ligament instability and bone defects that allows the surgeon to find the best solution for each patient.

Each revision option offers modular instrument and implant solutions to facilitate and deliver the flexibility to accommodate the interoperative demands even in the most challenging surgical scenarios.


Medacta's patient matched instrument platform for Total Knee Replacement facilitates accurate implant positioning while providing surgeons with an advanced 3-D pre-operative planning tool and patient-specific surgical instrumentation. The system offers unparalleled options accommodating any surgical approach, including bone referencing, ligament balancing and muscle sparing, while reducing the overall reusable instrument footprint in the operating room.


Medacta offers a complete single use instrument set for Total Knee Replacement procedures. This solution was conceived to optimize logistics and instrument management, providing significant logistical and financial benefits in the O.R. and throughout the hospital supply chain.


First FDA-Cleared Augmented Reality-Based Surgical Platform for Total Knee Replacement. An innovative platform that features advanced planning tools with unique soft tissue assessment, revolutionary tracking system, and augmented reality to potentially improve surgery accuracy and efficiency, with low upfront capital investment.


The Kinematic Alignment platform (MyKA) offering is based on the kinematic alignment surgical approach, an alternative to traditional mechanical alignment for TKR. The kinematic alignment technique aims to restore normal knee function by resurfacing the femur and tibial articular surfaces to those of the normal or pre-arthritic state. This approach is aimed at achieving the best patient satisfaction and function, as well as minimum damage to the surrounding tissues and ligaments.


SensiTiN is a ceramic-like coating of titanium nitride, designed to reduce the release of metal ions from Medacta’s implants for knee replacement.


Save time, minimise processing costs and enhance procedure accuracy: three great benefits for the growing number of TKR procedures. Medacta’s innovative technologies meet the needs of surgeons and healthcare professionals through a unique and complete solution: Efficiency KneePack.