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Diamagnetic Therapy

The Diamagnetic Pump represents the main instrumental evolution in the field of non-invasive rehabilitation medicine. It is used to perform DIAMAGNETIC THERAPY treatments, by using the selective interaction on the different biological tissues of high intensity super pulsed magnetic fields (2 Tesla) and low frequency magnetic fields (7 Hz) generated by the Diamagnetic Pump.
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Diamagnetism is a kind of magnetism where materials oppose the direction of their molecular components against applied magnetic fields, receiving a repulsive force. Diamagnetism is a property, for their nature, of body fluids, cell structures and substructures and many pharmacological molecules. This property allows very quick, effective and selective biological effects, that mean non-invasive and nonpainful applications.

Every pathology evolves in a specific way and needs to be adjusted to the therapy in order that the latter is immediately and constantly effective.

Diamagnetic Therapy allows following an adjustment process of its mechanisms of action to the anatomical and pathological phase of the cell damage. Furthermore, it allows the real-time inspection of tissue reaction to stimulation processes.

Diamagnetic Therapy, also called MDA (Molecular Diamagnetic Acceleration) is:

  • a non-invasive and completely painless therapy
  • a therapy adaptable to the developing complexity of the pathology
  • an intervention technique applicable just after the trauma or in the pre and/or postoperative phases
  • a technique allowing to intervene on the damaged skin (bed sores, diabetic foot, postoperative wounds) without needing of direct contact with skin
  • a technique allowing to intervene in case of extended immobilization (directly on bandaging, braces, plaster cast) without needing of direct contact with skin
  • a technique able to implant drugs without using needles or electric current with huge advantage for the patient in terms of comfort and intervention repeatability.

Mechanisms of actions

The magnetic field generated by CTU Mega 20 directly interacts with the body tissues, with immediately visible benefits.

The mechanisms of action generated for Diamagnetic Therapy are:

Liquid movements
water and many organic compounds have diamagnetic properties. Diamagnetic Therapy through interaction with intra- and extracellular fluids allows stimulating and normalizing the essential functions of body water: transport of nutrients and metabolites, protection of body homeostasis, tissue drainage and intracellular biochemical balance, regulation of body temperature.

Endogenous biostimulation
Diamagnetic Therapy generates endogenous stimulation because the electric current, generated by the variable magnetic field of CTU Mega 20, is directly developed inside the tissues, which are energized by an intense electric potential recharge. Therefore, the endogenous stimulation can be used without generating pain or sensitivity on the damaged tissues (ulcers, sores, wounds). Furthermore, the electrical stimulation is isotropic, namely the properties are same in all directions, both on surface and subsurface. By varying frequencies and morphology of the magnetic pulse, Diamagnetic Therapy allows a selective intervention on different tissues of therapeutic interest.

Pain Control
the magnetic field has an important analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. Thanks to Diamagnetic Therapy it is possible to create this effect going to act in a targeted way on pain nerve receptors, thanks to the use of specific frequencies of electrical stimulation. The pain control action is also functional to the treatment of trigger points and can be used as a self-standing therapy or integration of a widest therapeutic action.

Associated to the magnetic field, in the Diamagnetic Pump CTU Mega 20 also the radio frequency can be used. In particular in the inflammatory pathologies, the contemporary activity of Diamagnetic Therapy and diathermy allows obtaining the so-called “push and pull effect”. Under normal operating conditions the movement of fluids induced only by the diathermic process suffers a deadlock. Indeed after a blood perfusion, the storage of fluids stops to increase because of pressure balances that are established at cellular matrix level and for the physical limit of confinement of external sectors. In order to keep active the anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects of the tissue, diathermy and Diamagnetic Therapy are overlapped. The repulsive force generated thanks to the magnetic field enhances the draining effect, by causing the moving away of fluids from tissues involved in vasodilation. By introducing diathermy in capacitive/resistive mode, the device automatically activates a monitoring system for the tissue impedance variations, permitting to verify in real time the achievable benefit during the therapy. There is also the possibility to use the double neutral, permitting the treatment of wide body area, guaranteeing energy balancing and uniformity. This allows reducing the treatment time and hastening the expected benefits.

Applications fields

The main application fields for Diamagnetic Therapy are:
  • ORTHOPAEDICS AND TRAUMATOLOGY: muscletendonlesions, degenerativepathologies of the osteoarticularsystem, fractures and pseudarthrosis, vascularpathology of bone
  • SPORT MEDICINE: groin strains, tendinitis, contractures and muscle tears,sprain and bruiseoutcomes • phlebology and angiology: lymphatic,inflammatory, posttraumatic oedemas
  • PHYSIATRY: as integration in rehabilitationtreatments for care and prevention in pathologies of the skeletal musclesystem and in neurologicaloutcomes
  • NEUROLOGY: peripheral neuropathy
  • ANGIOLOGY: lymphedema
  • RHEUMATOLOGY: in inflammatory and rheumatic diseases